Digital strategy Building skills for the future

The creation of a new specialized Digital Guarantee Unit is the centerpiece of the strategy. It will be made up of curriculum specialists and ICT experts, who will be responsible for providing holistic support to schools to meaningfully integrate digital technology into what students learn and how they learn it.

The unit will also be responsible for delivering on the strategy’s commitment to equity in student access to technology. $23 million in new spending will be invested to improve device access for students, as well as provide home internet solutions for families where cost is a barrier.

In addition, the unit will help build digital capacity within the teaching profession through tailored training and support, and work with schools to ensure that all teachers have a quality device to support their job.

Premier Steven Marshall said the Digital Assurance Unit will help schools use technology to its fullest effect in all areas of learning, improving student outcomes and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.

“The Liberal Marshall Government is focused on providing South Australian children with the skills they need to get the jobs of the future right here in South Africa and digital literacy is increasingly a marker of employability in key areas of growth in our economy,” said Premier Marshall.

“It is not enough for students to learn about computers or learn on computers. It is essential that the learning experience across all subjects integrates digital technology in ways that develop the skills needed in the modern workplace.

“We are seeing huge growth in the cybersecurity, space and defense sectors in South Australia and the Liberal Marshall Government is committed to ensuring that our students have every opportunity to learn the skills they need to get a job in these exciting fields.

“By bringing together experts in the fields of curriculum and ICT, the Digital Assurance Unit will offer schools and teachers a central point of advice and support covering what technology to use and how to use it most effectively to improving student outcomes This includes using technology in a safe, balanced and age-appropriate way.

This new investment builds on the Liberal Marshall Government’s $130 million investment that boosted internet speeds in our schools from the slowest in the country to the fastest.

Education Minister John Gardner said the ambition set out in the strategy was possible thanks to the work done over the past three years to bring fast and reliable internet to all public schools in the state.

“The Liberal Marshall Government’s work to connect every school and preschool to the internet at the speed they need, when they need it, means we can now realistically pursue an ambitious statewide strategy. for Excellence in Digital Education,” said Minister Gardner.

“Physically linking the fiber optic network to our schools and preschools, and ensuring high-speed, high-quality alternatives for the handle where previously not possible, is a legacy that will sustain generations of students to come. .

“Technology opens up a world of possibilities and provides better outcomes for our students. We expect all of our secondary students to need access to appropriate devices to learn both at school and at home and this strategy will make that happen.

“I believe that our new digital strategy will help motivate students and better prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

“Digital literacy is essential for success outside of school and our vision is that all children and young people in South Australia are ready to learn and work in the digital world.”

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