Dell’s New Developer-Focused Strategy: Dell World 2022

CEO Michael Dell announced during his keynote at the Dell Technologies World 2022 event in Las Vegas that the company’s next phase will focus on “new developers”.

“The focus of many customers’ attention shifts from infrastructure to developers. And we encourage developers by making all of our solutions API-driven and developer-ready,” Dell said.

Dell Technologies, a US$101 billion tech giant, would make massive investments to make its products and services more developer-friendly, with efforts spanning a wide range of infrastructure portfolios including servers, storage , data protection and hyperconverged infrastructure.

“We are embracing high levels of automation, making our infrastructure programmable to fully support modern containers and applications with developer requirements like Kubernetes, Tanzu and OpenShift,” Dell said. “Containerized applications are truly transforming modern computing and applications. We’re working closely with VMware to deploy Tanzu to transform the way you securely build, deliver, manage, and run your applications with consistent operations across private, public, and edge locations.

Experts and analysts, including Sonia St. Charles, CEO of Dell Partner Davenport Group, said Michael Dell’s move to make Dell Technologies a more developer-focused company is a “smart play.”

“We find that all of our customers want to progress and move forward as much as their budget, or whatever the constraints, with newer technologies, and everything has to be connected,” she said.

Alpine Project

A key Dell project for developers is Project Alpine, which aims to provide consistent data mobility and operations across public cloud operations and environments. Dell said this will allow users to deploy or simply consume Dell storage software and services that deliver efficiency and protection in the public cloud, based on industry-leading enterprise storage.

The company said that through Project Alpine, developers will be able to write applications once and deploy them wherever they are needed to provide a unified cloud-native experience across multiple public clouds.

Project Alpine is still in preview mode and Dell has yet to announce when it will be widely available.

PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for AWS.

Dell also released PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for AWS. This new Dell AWS offering enables developers to perform adaptive analytics, full file and metadata analysis as well as machine learning and forensic tools, to detect, diagnose and accelerate data recovery. The company says this latest innovation will also allow developers to monitor files and databases and determine if a cyberattack has occurred, and allow them to identify the last known intact copy of data to speed up secure recovery.

Dell has withstood fierce competition in the retail PC market and remains one of the brands that has remained prolific, along with HP and Lenovo. Sixty-four percent of the company’s revenue in fiscal 2022 will come from personal computers and related businesses.

Author: Jim Love

I have been in IT and business for over 30 years. I worked my way up, literally from the mailroom and did all the jobs from mail clerk to CEO. Today I am CIO of a large company – IT World Canada – the leading ICT publisher in Canada.

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