Corporate strategy leaders identify key challenges large enterprises need to address to stay ahead of the pace of disruption

Outthinker Strategy Network brings together strategy leaders through organized learning and peer-to-peer relationships

NEW YORK, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last week, the Outthinker Strategic Network (OSN) hosted 24 top strategic managers at the Graduate Hotel in New York City. Strategy leaders from large and midsize companies across industries discussed the challenges they face and the strategic skills needed to succeed.

“The chief strategy officer is a relatively new role that is just beginning to emerge,” explained Claudio GarciaPresident of the OSN and former CSO of Lee Hecht Harrison. “Forward-looking companies build robust strategic offices with capabilities such as data analytics, transformation, internal consulting, and mergers and acquisitions. In the current climate of disruption and technological transformation, the ability leaders to step back from daily fire drills to prepare for plausible future scenarios is increasingly imperative.”

Key takeaways emerged throughout the summit, highlighting the following trends:

  • The disruption of digital technologies (blockchain, crypto, web 3.0, metaverse, etc.) is already underway. Organizations need a serious approach to understanding and exploring the business models made possible by these advances.
  • Businesses face unprecedented uncertainty. Business leaders who want to successfully navigate the next 1-2 years need to adjust the pace of their strategic management.
  • Customer expectations for speed and seamless experiences are driving companies to join ecosystems (as demonstrated by companies like Amplify Education, Haier, and Kofax) to deliver products and services closer to the point of demand.
  • Popular metrics for tracking core business ROI are not appropriate for measuring innovation. Companies must take into account innovation indicators such as the “cost of learning”.
  • Raising compensation packages is an incorrect method of attracting talented employees who will stay loyal and grow with a company. Employees want to see that their work can make a difference.

The Outthinker Strategy Network is an invitation-only network of chief strategy officers and executives who drive strategy for large organizations (over $1 billion) and a separate network for mid-market growth ($100 million900M) companies. Member companies include BNY Mellon, Catalent Pharma, Microsoft, Teladoc and Yahoo. CSOs interested in joining the network and learning more about future events can apply here.

Upcoming CSO events:

  • June 14: Create synergy in mergers and acquisitions with Marc Sirower and Jeffrey Weirens (Deloitte)
  • June 30th: Fireside Chat: Strategy and Leadership with Gregory Goff (Andeavor, ExxonMobil) and Kalina Nikolova (Yahoo)

SOURCE Outthinker Strategy Network

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