‘Concentration swings and bad passes’ – Arsenal player hangs on, poor positioning is also a problem

Marseille lost 4-2 to Galatasaray on Thursday night, depriving them of the Europa League even before all group matches have been played.

The Ligue 1 team have just four points in five matches in the competition and a goal difference of -2. Naturally, the result and the failure of the qualification prompted the French media to look for the reasons, and William Saliba of Arsenal is being pushed forward.

On loan to Marseille this season, with Mikel Arteta not believing the defender was ready to compete for his Arsenal side, Saliba received plenty of praise at the start of the campaign.

Arsenal and Arteta have been touted as somewhat silly for allowing the 20-year-old to play elsewhere this season, and the praise for the player seemed endless, until very recently.

L’Equipe are off to a good start, claiming that Saliba’s “pretty phenomenal” speed allows him to come back against the players, however, that couldn’t save him from poor positioning on Thursday night, and Ryan Babel took advantage.

It was for Galatasaray’s fourth goal, and the French newspaper believe he was at fault for the third as well.

The State team: “After a big start to the season, he had accustomed us to excellence. Lately, his concentration jumps and bad passes have been expensive in the Europa League. Already at fault against Lazio (2-2), he admitted to having “slept very badly” after this match. He must have had a little trouble falling asleep last night as well.

Saliba received 3/10 for his performance.

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