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With globalization and the growth of sustainability, language and leadership play a vital role. Continuous learning process is a must with a rapidly changing technological world. The Ceylon Institute Of English & Leadership (CIOEL), an online training institution, has understood this.

We notice that when employees have the right mindset and skills, it helps them and their organization grow and meet high standards. Also, it depends on how they communicate with their stakeholders, whether verbally or in writing. To do business globally, business English and leadership skills are essential to closing a deal or continuing the business relationship. In order to meet the challenges of Business English, CIOEL organizes a course called “Business and Leadership English Program” which improves people’s knowledge on professional skills in email and letter writing, communication business and other important activities.

Let’s look at leadership in more detail; there are many definitions of leadership and quotes from people and organizations. Some key leadership characteristics include empathy, integrity, humility, trust, etc. Listening and understanding people/employees is important, because we don’t know what background they come from or what bright ideas they have. As leaders, an important trait is to always learn new things, because we are not perfect. Apart from this, CIOEL runs another course called “Leadership and Sustainability Program” where people learn the importance of leadership, teamwork, sustainability, climate change, etc.

One of the coolest things CIOEL does is they host podcasts on their YouTube channel featuring international leaders from around the world with interesting topics like medicine, leadership, and sustainability.

Terry Paule is one such leader who is the co-founder and CEO of Botanical Water Technologies, a great company where they bring sustainable water from vegetables and fruits. Apart from that, it also touches on the importance of sustainability and leadership.

Another personality is Gary A. DePaul, PhD, an author and professor of leadership with more than two decades of leadership experience. It discusses the importance of leadership in life.

Watson Michael, CEO of CIOEL, says, “In this digital age where many companies have advanced digital platforms, it is important to have the right language and leadership skills. At CIOEL, we train our students with the right skills and lessons that help them work professionally in the corporate world. To learn more about the programs offered at CIOEL, please visit their website

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