Chus Mateo: “We have to go to Malaga with all the concentration in the world”

NEW STORIES. 08/10/2022

“We are ready to play another very difficult game like the other day,” said the coach.

Chus Mateo assessed that of Real Madrid against Unicaja on the third day of the championship (Sunday, 12:30 p.m. CEST). The coach explained in the preparation: “We are waiting for the best version of Unicaja. Every time you go to Malaga it is difficult. There’s really pressure in the atmosphere, the fans really go for it. You have to go there with all the concentration in the world to face what will be a demanding match, it will require a real effort and you have to make sure not to lose a lot of balls.

“It was an amazing effort in Athens and maybe some of the guys played a little longer than they should have, but it was a really tough game. Panathinaikos defended very aggressively, with a lot of physical, hands everywhere. Obviously we felt this fatigue, but we are still ready to play another game. Abalde will go to Malaga. We were keen to recover him after his injury”.

“It will be nothing like the pre-season clash. Both teams have more match sharpness now. They have a lot of new players and they are trying to build a strong team that can help them stay competitive and fight on all fronts. This is a team that is still looking. Last time in Europe they beat Sassari and they beat Gran Canaria in the last league game with a superb performance in the second half.”

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