Bell County deputies participate in driver training with emphasis on concentration

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) – Bell County deputies participate in a driver safety refresher course provided by the Texas Association of Counties.

Texas Department of Transportation data reveals there is a crash on Texas roads almost every two minutes. Not only is this a problem for the average driver, but even more so for law enforcement, as they are on the road a lot.

“This type of training helps give them a better view, or maybe a different view, of their driving skills,” said Lt. Bobby McClinton with the Bell County Sheriff’s Office.

The training includes a classroom portion, then moves to a virtual driving portion.

The virtual part helps make MPs more aware of their surroundings, especially with so many distractions on the roads.

“You have cell phones ringing, you have a computer in your car that is constantly making noise towards you…the vehicle itself is making noise,” McClinton said.

This helps not only for everyday driving scenarios, but also for more intense ones like chases.

“But more than that, we’re also doing it for public safety, limiting taxpayer dollars, and of course the safety of county officers,” said Don Courtney, driving simulator consultant at TAC.

Driver trainings also take place statewide for all kinds of departments. In Belton, it will take place until the end of the week.

“So we’re trying to train and train and train, so that the critical thinking aspect comes out and they’re able to make decisions a lot faster than a normal person would be,” he said. said McClinton.

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