ATXvSKC quotes: “It’s a lack of focus on the big moments in the game”

Sporting Kansas City manager Peter Vermes after Saturday’s 4-3 loss to Austin FC

On what went well in the first half and what went wrong in the second half…

This is not what went well but what went wrong. These are just very special actions in the game: three set pieces, three goals. The third was total laziness on our part, the equalizer. Whatever the last group is, it’s supposed to get to the top of the box and keep the (Austin) players offside. He would have been offside and it wouldn’t have been a goal. We don’t go out, he’s free and he gets a free shot. First, we don’t go out. Second, if you’re not going out, at least go win a ball in the air. The guy lets the ball go over his head and he hits it with a side volley. This means the ball is about three feet off the ground. We don’t have anyone who can’t clear the ball at that height.

We just lose focus on the three set pieces, which puts us in a draw. That’s basically it. Then they score their fourth goal because once again, we sleep at the back. Unfortunately, it’s a lack of focus on the big moments of the game.

On Sporting’s concession of Austin’s third and fourth goals…

It’s not just the bottom line. The third goal (Austin) is a free kick, so it’s not just the baseline at that point. I should review the game, but I don’t know who all the guys who kept it were, but that’s not just the bottom line. On their fourth goal, it’s not just the baseline in this situation.

On the performances of Willy Agada and Erik Thommy…

There’s a reason we scored three goals. These guys were directly related to them. That’s the good thing, but again, I’ve said it before. You have games where you score goals and you have games where you allow goals. Today we scored goals, but we couldn’t manage the moments when we had to, and that’s a lack of concentration.

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