Atlanta School of Music Offers Vocal Concentration Diploma and Vocal Performance Certificate

The Atlanta Music and Media Institute (AIMM), based in Duluth, Ga., Is taking action to educate its community on its two vocal programs, the Associate Degree in Music and Technology: Vocal Concentration and the Certificate of singing performance. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers specializations in a variety of music and media subjects including, but not limited to, music technology, music performance, and the recording arts technician.

Nite Driscoll of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media says, “People have used their voices to make music throughout history, and this practice is deeply rooted in cultures around the world. It is a fundamental element of human expression. Naturally, vocals play an equally important role in modern music production, and if you are going to follow your passion for music, you certainly need to have some knowledge in the matter. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media’s voice programs are a great way to learn what you need and jumpstart a successful career in the music industry.

The Atlanta Singing School offers two key programs that address this topic. The first of these is the Associate Degree in Music and Technology: Vocal Concentration, which is ideal for singers who wish to learn valuable music production techniques, such as how to follow, mix and master music. original. Students who undertake this program will even have the opportunity to earn their AVID Pro Tools certification. The second program they offer is the Performance Certificate in Vocals, which is more aimed at singers who just want to broaden their vocal range, perfect pitch, and master tone. Regardless, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is dedicated to helping its students advance in the music industry and achieve successful careers.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media’s commitment to their students is supported by alumni, as evidenced by their reviews. AIMM enjoys a very favorable rating on Facebook, where a recent review shares the author, “I went there in 2009, and I only have good things to say. It gave me the tools and understanding to build my career in music. Yes, I do more live audio than in the studio these days, but I was able to learn from the fundamentals they taught me at the AIMM! Look forward to coming back in the near future to see all the great instructors! ”

Meanwhile, another review on the Niche College and School Ranking website says, “About a year ago, I started to do some soul searching, wondering what I want to do with my life. I was 23 at the time, no kids, only one apartment, my own car but yet I was not happy, I was doing a job I didn’t like, I felt I was living just to pay my bills. I have known since the age of 11 that I enjoy writing poetry, nursery rhymes and rap. So I thought I should do something in the music. I started looking at the different areas that I can do and stumbled upon audio engineering and audio post production. I thought these were the dream career jobs I was looking for. So I started looking for colleges near me that have the program, but none were to my liking. Then I came across the Atlantic Institute of Music and Media, where I found my partner! As they offer internships and jobs in the overall school experience and location, this is my # 1 choice and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Alumni of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media include creatives who have made great strides in the music industry and have worked alongside some of its most prominent figures. Artists who have worked with AIMM graduates include Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Childish Gambino, Mary J. Bilge, Ciara and more. AIMM graduates have also worked with companies like Honeywell, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Comcast, Aflac, etc.

Those interested in learning more about AIMM and the variety of programs offered by the institute can find more information on their website. The institute encourages interested parties to contact Nite Driscoll directly by email or phone. In addition, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media can also be contacted through the contact form on its website. They also have a Facebook page where they post updates and engage with their community.


For more information on the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, contact the company here:

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
Nite Driscoll
(770) 242-7717
[email protected]
2875, boulevard Breckinridge # 700,
Duluth, Georgia 30096

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