Advanced Edition Into the Breach Indie Strategy Game

A free content update is coming to Into the Breach, adding new enemies and challenges to the already difficult isometric strategy game.

Four years after its launch, In the breach still has a lot to offer with its randomly generated challenges and mod support. Now, a new update will give veteran players even more weapons and pilots to save humanity.

Subset Games is known for its challenging and unique strategy games, with its hit FTL: faster than light in 2012 capture the attention of many. Critically Acclaimed In the breach is a similar flavor of hard, but switches to turn-based strategy from FTLreal-time gameplay.


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Free Advanced editing update for In the breach follows a format similar to FTLof advanced editing, building on the foundations to expand gameplay non-invasively. Specifically, several new units, weapons, pilots, and enemies are added. Given the game’s interesting take on movement and physical presence in a turn-based strategy setting, the new units will most likely provide even more ways to push enemies across the map.

The Advanced editing is far from the only announcement. In the breach will also be available on mobile devices from July 19, but only for Netflix subscribers. Have a strategy game like In the breach on a mobile device is a great choice, but locking it behind a subscription service can be frustrating for Subset Games fans who aren’t already Netflix subscribers. However, his presence on the service could introduce the game to a whole new audience, which could work well for him in the long run.

Next to the Advanced editing announcement, Subset Games also revealed that In the breach will finally have a physical edition via Fangamer. Given the disproportionately small number of indie games that receive physical releases, In the breach joining those who do even four years after its release is a testament to its resilience, likely in part due to its random levels and unique strategy. The physical version of In the breach will even include a physical manual, which is rare in modern games due to digital manuals or reliance on in-game tutorials.

Not all about Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is yet to be revealed, but when the update is released, it will provide a great reason to revisit the game, much like how FTL gained a second life thanks to his Advanced editing. Tactical strategy games have recently fallen into a niche, but still have a lot to offer players who want to learn how to play them well.

In the breach is available for Mobile, PC and Switch. The Advanced editing released on July 19.

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