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Looks like there could be an MMO on the Horizon

The Horizon The games have been one of the most beloved series in recent memory, and for good reason – the phrase “robot dinosaurs” alone should be enough to get even the most stubborn curmudgeon on board. While the mainline games were third-person open-world action/stealth varieties, it now looks like Guerilla is looking to diversify the franchise by way of an MMO set in the Horizon universe.

According to a report from a South Korean outlet called MTN (and relayed by GamesRadar, Sony has partnered with a studio called NCSoft, best known for its title guild wars. According to sources close to both parties, the project is underway under the title “Project H”, confirmed by job postings on the NCSoft website.

Guerrilla Games, as well as the PlayStation studio in Amsterdam, also have job postings on their own sites for mobile developers, suggesting that the potential Horizon MMO would be a mobile title. This certainly isn’t the first time job listings have given us a glimpse of a studio’s hand, like the multiplayer designer and tester listings at Naughty Dog hinting at an upcoming multiplayer project.

Horizon earned a reputation on multiple fronts, from its gripping gameplay, to its stunning facial capture, to compelling characters, chief among them being the protagonist Aloy. The game’s full and dynamic world has always been a part of its brand, so it makes perfect sense, in my opinion, to develop it as an MMO.

It will be interesting to see what the gameplay might entail, but I could imagine players forming or joining their own tribes, building their own base, and teaming up with other players to take down big enemies. There are also plenty of monetization options (as would be inevitable for a mobile version), including mounts, outfits, and possibly weapon and armor upgrades. I’m just spitting here, but there are obviously a lot of different directions they could go. I guess now we’ll just have to wait and see.

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