5 ways to improve your cooking skills

Improving your cooking skills is a rewarding experience that can boost your self-esteem and confidence, both inside and outside the kitchen. Learn to cook meals from scratch can also improve your health, while acquiring essential skills that will be useful to you on a daily basis. Here are five ways to improve your cooking skills.

Use the right tools

A key part of improving your cooking skills is considering the tools you use and making sure they are suitable for your purpose and designed for the task at hand. For example, when preparing base sauces for dishes, using a quality pan can improve the quality of your roux, which can then be used as a base for dishes like lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and fish pie. Using a good, sharp peeler will make peeling fruits and vegetables quicker and easier and will reduce the risk of injury when preparing ingredients.

Choose your ingredients carefully

Your ingredients are just as important as your tools. You need to choose them carefully and for best results, use the freshest ingredients possible. Preferably you should also use seasonal fruits and vegetables. For example, in October fruits like apples, pears and blackberries are in season along with vegetables like eggplant, broccoli, butternut squash, cauliflower, kale and pumpkin. Cooking with seasonal ingredients like these is a more sustainable way to source ingredients, which is better for the environment, and it will also enhance the flavor of your dishes.

Learn to season

Learning how to season your food correctly is key to getting the right taste. You should taste the food as it cooks and season it to your liking, adding a little salt at a time before tasting it again. If you add too little salt, your food will be bland, but if you add too much, your food will be inedible. Proper seasoning, on the other hand, will release the flavors of the ingredients and enhance the flavor of the whole dish. Many people worry the health risks of eating too much salthowever, this is much more likely when consuming pre-prepared processed foods, rather than properly seasoned homemade meals.

Learn basic cooking techniques

pan fry vegetables

Use classic cookbooks or video tutorials to help you master basic cooking techniques or you can take inspiration from your favorite Michelin star chefs. These include things like safe knife skills, how to poach ingredients, make basic sauces, and how to make broth from scratch. These fundamental skills will be the basis of your cooking in the future.

Test your skills

After you have mastered some of the basic skills and principles of good cooking, the next step is to practice them by trying new recipes and dishes as often as possible to test your new skills. Offer to cook meals for friends, family, and loved ones and ask for their honest feedback so you can refine your dishes and learn as you go.

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