5 digital skills you should learn as the ASUU strike continues

While the strike is ongoing, it is pertinent to note that history has shown that ASUU strikes are usually prolonged so that some students end up losing interest in their academic pursuits as they engage in other things for different reasons. However, with the digital economy promising various adventures and opportunities, it would not be wrong to mention that the continuing crisis in the country’s public education sector, offers the opportunity to learn something new that would become useful to back to school and after graduation.

It is with this in mind that this writer presents below:

Graphic designs – If you are interested in creativity, especially when it comes to positive first impressions, then you wouldn’t be wrong to consider this skill acquisition. Gone are the days when you could enjoy a job until you retired. Today, to thrive in this economy, one is expected to be one who can multi-task.

With the effective use of Photoshop, CorelDraw, among other graphic design applications, one is sure to have a skill that is useful not only in the creative industry but also in other career paths.

digital marketing – Buying and selling have evolved over the years. With the Internet, the complexity and importance of this skill has increased dramatically, so business owners and service providers are now hiring digital marketers in an effort to generate their revenue. So, acquiring this skill today could be a decision you will always be grateful for.

Video montage – In today’s human world, visuals have a lot of impact, so they can be used for documentaries, archives, storytelling, marketing and coverage. Globally, it’s one of the most in-demand skills that don’t require a school certificate. And as a video editor, you can easily be self-employed unlike other professions in the film industry.

Programming – If you are someone who enjoys problem solving and resolving complex situations logically and creatively, you should consider learning this skill before the current ASUU strike ends. As the saying goes – “technology is the new oil”, being a programmer is one of the highest paying jobs in the world, and while sessions are happening in schools, students in this career path can take on jobs. freelance jobs with foreign clients and earn in dollars, and other hard currencies.

Data analysis – It is an essential part of today’s businesses, as professionals in this field have a significant influence on a company’s policies, marketing strategies and brand image.

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