29 graduates with new life skills

LEARNING new life skills will open up opportunities and impact the lives of 29 young men in Lae, Morobe Province.

Participants received their certificates at a ceremony held at the 11 Mile New Life Skills Training Center (NLSTC) in Lae.

For these young men, it was the result of their participation in a program that aims to identify and help young people at risk and teach them new ways of approaching life, new habits and new skills.

During the ceremony, three of the young men spoke of the impact the program has had on their lives, having been involved in criminal activity but now determined to live their lives the right way.

Each week, young men around Lae, Madang and Port Moresby apply for positions within the NLSTC program and are interviewed and scored on several risk indicators.

Priority is given to young people most at risk.

They are accepted into the program and begin their own journey of learning and growth.

NLSTC speaker Hendry Paul said one of the challenges the NLSTC faces is that people often think of it as a vocational training centre.

Mr Paul said people think the NLSTC is a school but it is not, it is a center for young men who really need to change their lives and need help.

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